cDev is a powerful Discord Community bot to ensure the safety of your community, the ability to moderate, entertain, hoist streamers, host giveaways and many more features. 

We have the in house experience in running community's, we understand running a community may be challenging at given times. Our primary focus has been creating the true multi purpose bot based off your suggestions, your feedback and our experience, because of that we've delivered a product that can keep your Discord safe and deliver the tools to manage your community.

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Why cDev?

Customization as a default!

  • Avatar: You can create a custom avatar for your bot and update it any time. (You own the application and can even update from your Discord mobile app as well!)
  • Bot Name: You can set any bot name you'd like.
  • Activity Status: Supports all type's of activity status', including streaming! 
  • Bot Bio: You can set a custom bio for the bot/application.
Community Features

  • Giveaways: Host giveaways with your cDev bot!
  • Tickets: Multi panel ticketing system!
  • Moderation: We make sure your Discord mods can keep your community safe!
  • Auto Roles/Reaction Roles: Create on the go and update whenever you want.
  • Twitch Streamers: Our bot ♥ Twitch Streamers
  • Suggestions: Must have for each community!
  • Music: Listen to music with your friends!
  • FiveM (Server Status): Display your server name & playercount (including restart times for each timezone) with a click to join button to automatically launch FiveM & connect to your server.


cDev Official Documentation

cDev Community Discord